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One of the top psychology programs in the nation

Without a doubt, psychology is one of the most popular majors at ASU. No other area of science gives you the opportunity to study the mind and behavior in such depth. Our students gain insight about themselves and others while learning research methods, conducting scientific inquiries, and building critical thinking skills. You’ll study the anatomy and circuitry of the brain and understand the mind-behavior connection.  As a student in the Department of Psychology, your view of the world will forever be transformed.

Featured class: Brain on Drugs

Learn about the many classes of addictive drugs, how they interact with nerve cells and essentially “re-wire” the brain to produce addiction, and the mechanisms underlying biologically-based addiction treatment approaches.

Academic advising

Advisors can answer questions about which classes to take, research opportunities, internships, post-graduate options, academic performance and more. They are always willing and eager to help you succeed in college and beyond.

Our faculty

Our faculty members consistently receive high marks for their teaching and student support. Through coursework and research, you’ll connect with some of the most knowledgeable and innovative scholars in the field.