Not Liking Violence 

After Wednesday morning’s on air fatal shooting of two Virginia TV news staff was captured on tape and posted on the internet by the alleged killer, viewers appealed to social media outlets to take down the gut-wrenching video. Not only did they not “Like” it, they wanted it gone. In a July 2015 Huffington Post article about the Charleston church mass murders, “if you're sharing or "liking" stories about these crimes on Facebook, you may be inadvertently helping perpetuate the violence - and new research suggests that kids, in particular, can be led astray by that attention.

'When kids approve of any kind of violent word or statement or gestures or symbols, it really increases the likelihood that they'll go on to commit violent acts in the future,' said Dr. Tom Dishion, a psychologist at Arizona State University and the study's lead author. 'Kids are very sensitive to the audience.' " Read more (posted 8/27/15).

Psychology's REACH Institute Helps Families with Divorce. Read more in ASU News (posted 8/27/15).


Special Events >>> 

Sep 25, 2015  2:00p - 6:00p Psychology Building Open House. Join us for conversation, light refreshments, and self-guided tours as we celebrate the grand re-opening of the Psychology Building with its state-of-the-art design!  The dedication ceremony will be held at 3:00pm on the west patio.

Fall 2015 Colloquia

Oct 15, 2015  3:30p - 5:00p  Psychology Building, Room 230; Randolph M. Nesse, M.D., Foundation Professor of Life Sciences, and Founding Director, Center for Evolution and Medicine at Arizona State University will give a talk on emotional disorders in evolutionary perspective.

Oct 22, 2015  3:30p - 5:00p  Psychology Building, Room 230;  Dr. Joel Levin, University of Arizona, "Single-case intervention research: Recent efforts to elevate its low scientific status.”

October 29, 2015  3:30p - 5:00p  Psychology Building, Room 230;  Dr. Friedemann Pulvermüeller, Freie Universtät Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, “Semantic Grounding – What Is It Good For? ”  

December 3, 2015  3:30p - 5:00p  Psychology Building, Room 230;  Dr. Margaret Kukinski, University of Washington, “Methods of Cost Analysis.”  



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