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Psychology Faculty in the News

Not Liking Violence. After the on air fatal shooting of two Virginia TV news staff was captured on tape and posted on the internet by the alleged killer, viewers appealed to social media outlets to take down the gut-wrenching video. Not only did they not “Like” it, they wanted it gone. In a July 2015 Huffington Post article about the Charleston church mass murders, “if you're sharing or "liking" stories about these crimes on Facebook, you may be inadvertently helping perpetuate the violence - and new research suggests that kids, in particular, can be led astray by that attention."  Read more about the effect on kids when violence is approved from Psychology professor Dr. Tom Dishion. (posted 9/1/15).

ASU Psychology alum, Neil Farber MD, PhD, blogs stories about leading edge science in the ever popular Psychology Today. Recent stories have featured department faculty Cheryl Conrad in "Ground-breaking research on neuroplasticity" and the effects of stress on the brain; Gene Brewer's "Science of Memory;" and Adam Cohen's investigation on the relationship between trust and religion in "Do Christians Trust Muslims?" (posted 7/9/15).

Department News

Psychology's REACH Institute Helps Families with Divorce. Read more in ASU News (posted 8/27/15).

Psychology Meets Community Need to Help Close Treatment Gaps with MS ABA Program.  In 2008 Arizona became the fourth state to allow for the treatment of autism to be covered by insurance, resulting in an influx of families that made more urgent the state's low numbers of practitioners of applied behavior analysis. To help address that need, a group of professionals asked ASU to develop an ABA program.The first cohort in that master's program begins this fall. Read more in Emma Greguska's ASU News story (posted 8/27/15).

Psychology Goes Home.  Could Thomas Wolfe and Ella Winter be wrong that "you can't go home again?"  Psychology is heading home this week as department offices, staff and faculty temporarily housed around campus go home to a newly renovated, state-of-the-art Psychology Building - and it's beautiful. The logistics of moving one of ASU's largest departments will undoubtedly create some slight delays in response time but we appreciate your patience during this transition (posted 8/3/15). 

Psychology to Lead New ASU Veterans Wellness Center.  ASU has established a new, interdisciplinary Center for Veterans’ Wellness to conduct research and help vets affected by combat-related stress and trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Led by inaugural director Mary Davis, ASU Department of Psychology professor within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the center will draw together experts from a variety of disciplines across the university and its partner organizations to expand their work and develop new ideas.  Read More in ASU News (posted 3/17/15).




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