Neuroscience of Memory & Aging (Bimonte-Nelson)

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Behavioral Neuroscience

The research goals of our laboratory are to characterize the cognitive and brain changes that occur during aging, as well as to develop behavioral, pharmacological, and dietary strategies to attenuate mnemonic and neurobiological age-related alterations using animal models. Towards this goal, one of our primary interests is to determine the roles that sex, hormones, and brain chemistry play in brain function and cognition in young versus aged animals. Our interests incorporate these goals with relevance to Alzheimer’s disease-related variables.

One of our primary goals is to determine the effects that clinically used ovarian hormone therapies have on the brain and its function. For example, we have been studying the effects of estradiol, Premarin and progestins on cognition and neurobiology, using several types of rodent models of menopause. Please see "Publications" for our recently published research, and feel free to look around our lab website by clicking on the topics to the left.

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Our lab in the news!

Bimonte-Nelson graduate student Blair Braden was recently interviewed by several local news stations about her work with MPA (the main component in the birth control shot, Depo Provera, as well as in many hormone therapies) and memory loss! To watch the video interview, go to this link:

More press on our MPA findings: Hormone in birth control shot linked to memory loss. Click:

Bimonte-Nelson graduate student Liz Engler-Chiurazzi won the Photometrics/Qimaging Poster award from the Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society for her microscope work... Congrats Liz!

Bimonte-Nelson Lab post-doc Jazmin Acosta received the 2011 Young Investigator Award from the European Brain and Behavior Society! Jazmin went to Seville, Spain Sept. 9-12, 2011 to give a talk for this honor.

Congratulations to Bimonte-Nelson Lab graduate student Dr. Joshua Talboom, who defended his Ph.D. in the summer of 2011! Also, Josh was able to meet with Nobel Laureates in the summer of 2011. A coveted spot at the prestigious 61st annual Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany was awarded to Joshua.

Bimonte-Nelson Lab graduate student Sarah Mennenga won FIRST PLACE for graduate-level poster presentation for the Social and Behavioral Sciences at the 2011 Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference (STEM).

To read about the ASU Brain Fair for Children, organized by the Bimonte-Nelson lab and the Psychology Department, see:

"ASU neuroscientist earns 'difference maker' award for work with students":

Above: Heather and elementary student Sabrina at the 2010 ASU Brain Fair



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 Photo Credit: O.P. Parrish


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Our beloved friend, colleague, and mentor, Dr. Victor Denenberg, passed away on Saturday, July 19, 2008. For many of his students, he will be remembered as one of the critical figures that changed their lives. He was truly a visionary and philosopher, and will be deeply missed. Click here for remembrances.

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