Psychology Clinic

The Clinical Psychology Center (CPC) is an outpatient clinic established in 1959 as a training facility for doctoral students in clinical psychology. The mission of the CPC is to provide excellent training in evidence-based practice and outstanding service to our clients and the community. Our location is the University Center Bldg A, Suite 116 just east of Rural Road at 1100 E. University Drive, Tempe.



phone: 480-965-7296   fax: 480-965-2972
address: Clinical Psychology Center, 1100 E. University D,  PO Box 877404, Tempe, AZ 85287-7404

QUESTIONS?   E-mail us at  E-mails are read by the office staff and not the doctors. Messages sent to this e-mail address are not confidential, so please use discretion.


We have two specialty teams at the center

Our child and family team specializes in:

  • child anxiety and/or mood disorder
  • family therapy
  • ADHD - including evaluation and behavioral intervention
  • parent-child communication and effective discipline
  • divorce adjustment in low conflict families
  • reducing tantrums and improving following directions
  • social skills training (click here for additional information)
  • Teen Cope - for Parents and Teens

Our health and wellness team (click here for brochure) specializes in:

  • depression or anxiety associated with adjusting to a medical diagnosis
  • headache/migraine, back pain, or other chronic pain symptoms
  • stress related to a cancer diagnosis
  • fatigue or other difficulty sleeping
  • any medical condition complicated by stress 
  • mindfulness-based stress reduction (click here for additional information)
  • sleep improvement (click here for additional information)


Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations are available at the CPC. Click here for additonal information.

Additional Information

Click here for a list of speaker topics for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Click here for the clinic's staff directory

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