Canine Science Collaboratory (Wynne)

Research Area: 
Behavioral Neuroscience

Welcome to the Canine Science Collaboratory! Our research interests include:

  • Human-Canine Interaction

What is the impact of owning a dog? How do dogs respond to human gestures? What factors impact our choice on which dog to adopt? What impact does social interaction have on dogs and wolf-dog hybrids?  Why do dogs gaze into our eyes?

  • Social Behavior & Development

How and when does the social bond form with humans? Is it the same in wolves?

  • Abnormal Behavior and Behavioral Treatments

What is Canine Compulsive Disorder and how can we use a behavioral science to learn more? How can we apply a behavioral science to other canine behavioral conditions?

  • Learning & Olfactory Discriminations

What do dogs smell? What influences a dogs ability to detect an odorant?

  • Welfare Issues

How can we increase the welfare of wolf-dog hybrids? How can we increase the welfare of shelter dogs?

  • Canine Genetics

How can behavior sciences work with genetics research to understand genetic contributions to behavior?

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