Life in the Psych Lane


Ethan: The reason I chose to study the field of Psychology as my major is based on the realization that there are many people in the US and the world who need comfort and help in dealing with major issues in their lives. I wanted to impact the lives of others one person at a time. My plan after graduation is to do some form of counseling, particularly teenage counseling. Getting involved on campus for me started in my first semester by getting my feet wet with certain clubs and events on campus but this semester I am heavily involved. I am a part of a student-led club called “Man Up” which advocates respect between men and women on campus. I attend an on-campus church in Neeb Hall called Hope Christian Church. Not only that, but I play intramural football and basketball. My best advice for students is to develop discipline, study hard, get involved, try new clubs and sports, and attend sporting events.  Go Devils!  Fear the Fork!

Rebecca:  I chose psychology because I wanted to work with children in a more hands-on way. I wanted to learn about certain things and factors that can occur in childhood and how that affects adults later in their life time. I also wanted to be able to understand why people think a certain way; I’ve always had an interest in discovering different people’s thought process. I love being able to understand things about people, and psychology allows me to do so.  Read more.

Thia: I love the diverse population of ASU students and faculty and how many opportunities they offer you to succeed. I also think ASU has some of the best Psychology professors and advisors that really take interest in students and their success. I couldn’t imagine pursuing my degree at any other institution.  What advice do you have for the freshman students? I know this has been said millions of times but get involved! Nothing helps make this large university seem much smaller and more personal than getting involved in clubs or whatever organizations interests you. Not only will they help you get ahead, you meet some amazing people who you will form life changing friendships and bonds with. Other than that, I say to take a step back every now and then and appreciate your college experiences. There will be immense pressure to pour yourself into your academics but remember to stop and smell the roses sometimes.  Read more.

Lance:  I chose to come to Arizona State University for the Psychology program and to be on the rowing team. I transferred here with my AS in Psychology so I was able to transition straight into a busy, full time school schedule within the Psychology program. Over the past couple years I have increased my knowledge in psychology immensely and have become well acquainted with many of the staff and professors in my department. I have been able to hone in on my true talents and desires for how I want to specialize in my degree thanks to the well taught classes I have attended.  Read more.

Sami Jo: My first semester at ASU was rocky because I was not involving myself in clubs or many activities. I always found myself being shy. As soon as I realized I was not the only student coming to ASU blind, I started opening myself up and getting involved.  I was always passionate about soccer as I have played for 13 years. So I tried out for the ASU club soccer team and ended up making it. I have countless  friends now and couldn’t be happier. I love ASU for all it has to offer!  Anyone can find their ‘home away from home’ if they involve themselves!  I like the Arizona State University Department of Psychology because they make me feel cared about and I know they want the best for me. Whenever I have a question I know I can go directly to an advisor. I took the PGS 294 Advising Assistant course and I love my classmates and advisors.  I’m happy to be a part of the ASU Department of Psychology and more importantly, a Sun Devil!

Nicole:  After growing up in a small country town in Massachusetts for 18 years I decided it was finally time for a big adventure. My final college decision was to attend ASU with a major in psychology. I had never seen the campus and I had severe ‘senioritis’ my last year of high school so I did little to no research on what I was to even expect by coming to ASU. Luckily for me, the university ended up being better than any online website could have portrayed. I moved onto campus 2 weeks earlier than the majority of incoming freshmen, thus resulting in not having a roommate or suite-mates for those first two weeks as well.  But being on campus early was beneficial because I could adapt to the new environment at my own pace and meet people I may have never met had I been immediately surrounded by hundreds of students. Once the official school year began and the entire student body got to campus I really felt like a small guppy in a huge ocean, so to speak. For me though, I decided to get involved with something to fill that need for a feeling of best advice is to get involved and go above and beyond what is needed of you. It may seem like an easier path if you just do what is expected of you, but if you truly are passionate about psychology then getting involved can further focus on the particular branch you favor with psychology. Overall I feel as though my freshman year at ASU could not have been better and I am blessed to feel as though I belong among thousands of other students and staff.

Sydney: My experience here at ASU has been great so far. My advisor, Kariann, has helped me plan out how to achieve my goals both academically and career wise. The classes here are wonderful. My psychology teacher is very animated and keeps class interesting.  My advisor and professors are a big part of why I love my major!

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