The success of our department depends on your involvement through volunteering, attending Psychology events, and financially supporting scholarships, research, and teaching. Below are some options for you to have a positive impact on Psychology by making an online financial contribution - just click on any of the buttons to access ASU’s secure online form. You can also print any form and mail your donation.

Your financial support may be considered a charitable contribution and all donations will be processed by the ASU Foundation for A New American University, a non-profit organization that exists to support Arizona State University (ASU). Your contribution to the Department of Psychology is greatly appreciated!

Direct Support for Students: Psychology Scholars and Fellows

Scholarship support is critical in helping our undergrad students attend college and continue their studies to graduation. Fellowship support allows our graduate students to focus on their scholarly interests and conduct research. Awards are based on merit and the student’s potential for academic success. Both are an essential means of helping the most academically talented students in the Department of Psychology.

Direct Support for Teaching and Department Programs 

This general fund provides the department a broad range of opportunities to pursue and sustain programs that benefit students, enhance teaching, engage the community, and support faculty.


Direct Support of Research

A designated gift to research allows you to support a specific area of study that matches your intellectual interests and/or tugs at your heartstrings. Below are options for advancing research in the Department of Psychology.

Body Project. Under the direction of Dr. Marisol Perez, the Body Project is a cognitive-dissonance based body acceptance program that was designed to help adolescent girls and college women resist societal pressures to be unrealistically thin and reduce their pursuit of thinness. Click here to learn more about the Body Project and its related research.

Canine Cognition. The Canine Science Collaboratory, directed by Dr. Clive Wynne, is devoted to understanding the behavior and cognition of dogs and their wild relatives. Current research includes studies helping dogs in shelters find good homes faster, understanding how dogs age and suffer cognitive decline, and seeking new ways to train sniffer dogs to find explosives faster and more reliably. Click here for more information about Dr. Wynne’s research. 

 Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research (IISBR).  Directed by Dr. Doug Granger, the IISBR at ASU continually pushes the envelope of knowledge related to the discovery and application of oral fluid as a research and diagnostic specimen. The minimally-invasive nature of saliva sample collection and the broad range of potential measurements enables oral fluids to be employed in a wide range of fields and disciplines. Click here to view some of the IISBR’s research projects. 

Psychology's ASU REACH Institute (Research and Education Advancing Childrens' Health) disseminates mental health and prevention services with proven effects into the hands of providers at service agencies, schools, & health clinics worldwide. REACH directly supports providers who improve health and well-being outcomes for children and families. Every $100 in donation will go to serving one family who might otherwise not receive services. Donations are guaranteed to improve services and outcomes for children and families involved with the REACH Institute.



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