Event Guidelines

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Updated March 14, 2022, until Further Notice

These guidelines describe ASU Community of Care protocols for any in-person gathering ("events, meetings") that:

  1. Take place on ASU property or

  2. Relate to university business or

  3. Is paid for in whole or part using university funds

The guidelines are based on current public health recommendations and requirements and Board and University policy, which is subject to change, resulting in modifications to these guidelines.

These guidelines do not prohibit spontaneous expressive activities or other constitutionally protected activity in public areas of campus. However, individuals participating in such activities are subject to university guidelines and ABOR Policy 1-124 and ASU SSM 802-01.

Events and meetings to which these guidelines do not apply:

The following meetings or events are not subject to the Special Event Registry or the event review process. Still, they are subject to the direction of the relevant senior University executives and compliance with university guidelines

  • Departmental staff meetings that do not require a venue reservation

  • Academic classes

  • Approved activities as part of a course, field trip, or other academic instruction

  • Approved recitals or performances in HIDA

  • Sun Devil Athletics team practices and competitions

  • Sun Devil Fitness and Wellness programming and activities

Guidelines for in-person events and meetings:

  • Dean / VP notification is required for ("events, meetings") with attendance of more than 250 people

    • For events under 1,000 in attendance, the Dean/VP may designate another reviewer and will communicate directly with the coordinator. 

  • All approvals will be adapted as needed as local, state, and federal guidelines and declarations are revised and as public health circumstances on the campus and surrounding areas evolve. 
  • In-person events and meetings are required to have a university representative who is on-site for the event's entirety. Event coordinators (staff or designated student organization members) are responsible for being knowledgeable regarding the plan for the event and ensuring that the event adheres to all applicable guidelines. 

Additional guidelines for student organization events:

  • All student events and meetings are required to use the SunDevilSync platform 

  • Either the primary or secondary advisor for a student organization must be present at meetings and events that meet any of the following criteria:  

    • Open to the general public.

    • The meeting or event involves potential security issues such as hazardous activities, equipment rentals, or large crowds. 

    • The media will be present.

    • VIPs, elected officials, donors, anyone who travels with a security detail, or dignitaries will be invited to the meeting or event.

Enforcement of guidelines:

If an event or meeting does not conform to these guidelines, the University reserves the right to:

  • Deny or rescind the event organizer's permission to use the venue, even if the event has already started.

  • Restrict the event organizer from reserving campus space in the future.

  • Pursue other disciplinary sanctions, including employment consequences, student code of conduct violations, and/or removal of recognition from a student organization.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or need clarification, please contact University Events & Protocol.

 These policies will be adapted as needed as local, state, and federal guidelines and declarations are revised and as public health circumstances on the campus and surrounding areas evolve.