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The Department of Child Safety (DCS) Intern
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DCS has many different sections that interns may have the opportunity to interact with. Placement of interns will be coordinated based on location and availability. Hours may be flexible based on the intern’s need with a potential for night and weekends.

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Internship Description

Potential Placements/Opportunities:

  • Investigations: The Department has received a potential concern (Report) and makes attempts to engage with the family to assess child safety. A determination is made as to if the family requires intervention and to what degree.
  • Ongoing: The Department has taken an action against a family and there is an open court case. Our role is to continuously assess parents/children to make sure the appropriate services are in place to help improve the situation.
  • Inhome: There are concerns with the family but they do not warrant court involvement. This role has consistent contact with the family to help address concerns while children continue to reside with the parents.
  • Young Adult Program (YAP): Teenagers that have a high likelihood of becoming an adult while in the care of the state. This role helps coordinate teens learning to live on their own and acquire basic life skills to help their transition to adulthood.
  • Adoptions: Parents have lost their rights through court to care for the children. This role strives to find the best solution for a long-lasting new home for the child/ren. 
  • Welcome Centers: The Department as the child’s legal caregiver provides care and meets the needs of the children while they are waiting for a placement.
  • Hotline: Receives calls from the community and uses a rubric to determine if the allegations meet the states definition of maltreatment.

Potential Duties/Tasks:

  • Shadow Specialists as they engage/interact with families
  • Attend meetings such as court hearings, Team Decision Making Meetings, Child and Family Team Meetings
  • Provide care to children to include feeding, hygiene, and supervision
  • Special projects that may include research and data entry

All applicants will need to be in possession of a level one fingerprint clearance card. Interns with the department do not carry cases or possess state electronics.Intern may be given access to operate state vehicles pending assigned duties.

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