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Children’s Brain Academy 

Our program focuses on applied behavior analysis, education, mental health, social work, Family therapy, and other fields. We offer services in the area of psychoeducational and psychotherapy. Including family psychotherapy, social skills groups, individual psychotherapy, play therapy, grief therapy, homeschool support groups, coping skills, educational programs, IEP/504 plans, teachers and tutors, learning disabilities, anxiety and depression screenings, autism spectrum disorder, youth coaching, mood disorder, anger and aggression management, parent coaching, personalized diet, and nutrition plans, tutoring and school needs, etc. 

Location: 1010 E Mcdowell Rd Phoenix, Az 85006 

Website: www.ABCCBA.Org 

Internship Status: Responsive 

Internship Requirements: 

  • Call for requirements 


  • Name: Tina Abhar or Giselle Marquez 
  • Phone number: 602-222-2234 ext 125 
  • ( Preferred method of contact)

Internship Description

If you are interested in Psychology, Therapy, or Social work an intership oppurtunity awaits! 

  • Observe therapy sessions 
  • Learn how to lead social skills group 
  • Conduct evaluations 
  • Learn new patient intake 
  • Assist with intervention plans 
  • Observe children in school 
  • Learn about parent coaching 
  • Grow your resume 
  • Gain Experience 
  • Work one-on-one with our providers 
  • Patient based experience 
  • Hands on Experience 
  • Prepare for your future with an 
  • Internship at the Childrens Brain 
  • Academy!

interested? please email us your resume at