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Intern with School Psychologists
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Potential Experiences at Mesa Public Schools to Intern with School Psychologists

Observations will allow the intern to understand the role of a school psychologist and understand development and learning in typical children and children with disabilities. 

  1. Observe a testing session with Psych.
  2. Observation during a recess.
  3. Observe a preschool screening.
  4.  Observe a reading lab intervention session
  5. Observe in each grade level in elementary.
  6. Observe ELD and non-ELD classrooms.
  7. Observe different SPED environments (SLD, Self-Contained, Speech, OT)
  8. Observe a preschool classroom.
  9. Observe a special with a class (art, orchestra, PE, etc.)
  10. Observe push-in counseling session.


Activities can include hands on and interactive experiences which will allow the intern to work with students, attend meeting, and complete tasks related to the jobs of school psychologists

  1. Experience a few hours at preschool, JH, and HS with a host.
  2. Get data for intervention process.
  3. Enter some data from parent input and teacher input into RED.
  4. Attend a New To Mesa meeting - usually on Fridays
  5. Help in a self-contained classroom.
  6. Help with self-contained classroom at lunch.
  7. Buddy with a student who needs TLC attention.
  8. Collect behavior data on a student.
  9. Attend a staff meeting.
  10. Review written reports to get a sense of what we write.
  11. Sit in on a social/emotional lesson by a counselor
  12. Attend a Psych meeting
  13. Attend a RED meeting
  14. Attend a MET meeting
  15. Attend an IEP meeting
  16. Attend a PBIS/AVID meeting
  17. Attend a SPED team meeting/PLC
  18. Attend a grade level PLC
  19. Collect observation data for an evaluation.


*Finger print clearance is required and may take 6 to 8 weeks to obtain.  IVP level clearance

You must complete this form in order to participate in the district

Both of these things must happen before you can begin.

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