With the foundational knowledge you acquire in this program, you'll be ready to pursue licensure in the field of addictions.

The MS program in addiction psychology pairs state-of-the-art research from internationally recognized experts in addictions with clinical expertise from licensed psychologists and licensed addiction counselors who have decades of experience providing addiction treatment.This program provides the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for graduates to pursue state licensure for becoming an addiction counselor.

Shape behaviors and help improve people's quality of life. You'll benefit from a supportive learning environment, gaining the skills and clinical experience needed to become a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst® and pursue state licensure.

Graduate Certificate

Applied Prevention Science

You can help meet the growing demand for a well-trained mental health workforce, whether at home or abroad. As a prevention specialist, you would be trusted to innovate and promote positive health outcomes for youth and families across diverse service delivery sectors. This certificate program sets you on that path.

Elevate your expertise in psychology research methodologies at one of the top-ranked programs in the nation. You'll collaborate with esteemed faculty to master cutting-edge statistical techniques, innovate in psychological research and become a leader in shaping the future of the field.

Experience collaborative and interdisciplinary training through six highly ranked doctoral areas of study. You'll work closely with renowned faculty to advance our understanding of the mind, brain, thinking, feeling and behavior while conducting vital research, from cellular processes to societal impact.