Neuroscience, BS

Discover how the brain and nervous system function to produce behavior, cognition and emotion. Work alongside award-winning faculty in labs at the leading edge of neuroscience research. Spanning four foundational areas of neuroscience, this program will guide you toward a career in health and research-related fields.


Psychology, BA

Uncover, discover and understand behavior. You'll explore the why behind actions and thoughts while learning from top-tier faculty about tackling addiction, enhancing child development, improving the ways people interact with one another, and more.


Psychology, BS

Explore the intersection of psychology and other STEM fields as you investigate how the brain and behavior shape human experiences. You'll learn how to use scientific data and collaborate with faculty to pursue innovative approaches to mental wellness, addiction, aging, memory, social challenges, societal issues such as climate change, and more.

Study the mind, brain and behavior in a research lab. Psychological science immerses you in hands-on learning, enabling you to explore behavior from a scientific perspective and preparing you for impactful careers.