In-State and Domestic travel requests require approval in Concur.

  • Step 1: Submit a trip request in MyASU Trip/Concur at least ten business days prior to booking or purchasing anything for a trip. Approvals will automatically route through Concur. Travelers cannot book trip expenses until the CONCUR trip request has been fully approved. You will be notified by email when your request has been approved.
  • Step 2: Travel arrangements must now be BOOKED through MyASU Trip/Concur (e.g., flights, lodging and rental car).

Before booking a trip, please review the Psychology Department Travel Tips for more information.

International travel to high-risk destination (level 4 or 5) requires Dept Chair and Dean pre-approval.  

(Note: International travel approvals are currently taking several weeks, please plan ahead.)

To obtain pre-authorization, you should email your PSY travel request to PSY.Travel and include the following information in the bulleted format below:

Traveler Name:

  • Traveler title/classification:

    • Destination to/from:

    • Dates of Travel:

    • Funding source: 

    • Explain how the trip benefits the sponsor and/or ASU:

    • Safety Protocols to be followed:

    • Acknowledgement that all travel (including airfare and lodging) must be booked through Concur after travel has been approved and the request has been submitted in Concur

      • If you require an exception (e.g., Airbnb or hotels with special rates that must be booked outside of Concur booking tool), detail the justification for your request for an exception.

Once your international travel request is submitted to, the request will automatically proceed through the approval process.  You should not send any travel requests directly to the department chair, dean, or provost.

ASU will not reimburse travel expenses incurred without the required pre-authorization and Concur booking process.

After your trip:

  • Submit and certify an accurate and complete travel expense report in Concur with receipts and proofs of payment within 30 days of the trip end date.
  • Cancel all reservations if a trip is canceled and promptly account for ASU Travel Card expenses associated with the trip.

Psychology Department Travel Tips

Travel Guidance Webpage

Student International Travel Registration Policy

Email from The College:

"As you know, ASU’s current Travel Guidance requires approval of any ASU-related international travel by the appropriate dean or VP and the University Provost. There has been some confusion about how students should go about requesting and securing approval for their ASU-related international travel, so I am writing to clarify the proposal and approval process.

Per the Student International Travel Registration Policy, all students (and faculty/staff travelling with them) must register their ASU-related international travel in ASU’s Student International Travel Registration System. Students should begin the request process there, so that the Global Education Office (GEO) can collect the necessary information before routing the request to the International Travel Advisory Committee (ITAC) for initial review and approval. Requests approved by ITAC will then be routed to the appropriate dean for college-level approval, and then on to Provost Gonzalez for final approval. Travel requests should be initiated at least at least two weeks in advance of planned departure. Requests submitted less than two weeks prior to departure may not be reviewed before travel.


*For any requests that also need to be processed through My ASU Trip (Concur), the traveler can upload GEO’s approval notice to expedite approval of that request by ASU Travel and Risk Management.

All registered travelers will be charged a $3/day International Travel Service Fee, which covers the cost of a robust international insurance policy, access to the AlertTraveler mobile app, pre-departure travel intelligence/advice and real-time alerts, and 24/7 emergency support from GEO. Students who will be paying that fee directly will select the “self-pay” registration options and GEO will charge the fee to the student’s account; students whose fee should instead be charged to a department or grant will select the “sponsored” registration options and GEO will coordinate billing with you. “Sponsored” individual or group travelers will be asked to provide the name of the departmental business manager and/or Primary Investigator (as applicable), as well as a Cost Center (CC) and Program (PG) or Grant (GR) account, along with any optional worktags, when completing their registration.

Please help us by disseminating this information within your unit. Contact GEO directly at with any questions about this process."