Internship Application Process

Prepare and Apply for a PSY 484 Internship:

Step 1. Explore (Sophomore Year)
  • Review course information regarding eligibility and requirements for PSY 484 credit (found below)
  • Research internship sites (the pre-approved internship site list is a great place to start) and begin to narrow down your interest
  • Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to identify possible careers that complement your strengths and interests
  • Consider volunteering or participating in a Psychology Community Involvement Experience to “try on” these possible careers
  • Maintain a strong GPA in order to qualify for PSY 484 in your Junior year
  • Attend the Psychology Career and Internship Fair in the Spring
  • Make a list of three to five potential internship sites
Step 2. Prepare
  • Review the application process for each internship site on your list
  • Prepare or polish your cover letter and resume and tailor for each application. Use these great resume resources to get started.
  • Meet with an ASU Career Advisor to review your resume and cover letter.
Step 3. Apply to 3-5 Internships
  • Apply to each internship site you’ve identified using their site specific application process. Documentation you might need includes:Site-specific resume
  • Site-specific cover letter
  • Internship position description
  • If the site offers an interview, be sure you are prepared and have practiced! Use these great interview resources to prepare. Prior to your internship interview, considering practicing your answers to common interview questions.
Step 4. Finalize
  • Congrats, at this point you have applied for a internship, completed an interview, and been offered an internship position with a site you were interested in!
  • Download and complete all required documents to apply for PSY 484: Application for Psychology InternshipInternship Contract | Internship Release Form | Consent to the Release of Information 
  • Once all required documents are completed and signed, meet with the Internship Coordinator who will be your instructor for PSY 484. At this time your application will be reviewed for decision. If approved, you will be given permission to enroll in PSY 484 for 3 credits in the semester in which you’ve applied!

Note: Late adds are not available for the internship experience! Keep in mind the start date for the semester in which you would like to complete your internship. It is recommended that all of your PSY 484 Application Documents be submitted and approved at least one week prior to the start of the semester.  

Psychology Internship Eligibility:

In order to apply for PSY 484: Psychology Internship for 3 credits, students must…

  • Be pursuing a BA or BS in The College’s Department of Psychology (Tempe Campus)
  • Have completed at least 45 credit hours at time of application
  • Have junior standing (at least 56 credit hours) at start of internship
  • Have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA

PSY 484 Internship Requirements:

  • All internships must be approved by the internship coordinator
  • If an internship site is not listed on our pre-approved internship site list, the student is responsible for providing an internship description and contact information for the proposed site supervisor
  • An internship must provide opportunities that are related to the application of psychological principles
  • An internship must be supervised by a full-time employee at the site who is qualified to mentor interns
  • The internship start and end dates must coincide with the academic calendar; all documented hours must fall within the start and end dates for the semester in which credit is earned
  • Internships cannot be paid

Internships may partially fulfill the "Additional Psychology Course Requirements"

PSY 484 is a pass/fail course and requires at least 135 hours of student work (120 hours at the internship site + 15 hours of coursework)

Internship Interest Form

Career Area You Are Interested In