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The T-32 Training Program is for a two-year period and is delivered through individually-tailored programs of coursework in drug abuse and implementation science, as well as mentored research experience. 

Reducing the Research - Practice Gap

Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), our training program prepares pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows to conduct research that reduces the gap between real-world practice and evidence-based interventions targeting drug abuse prevention. Through a combination of coursework and research apprenticeships with faculty from multiple disciplines, fellows receive training in drug abuse, and implementation science. Trainees conduct studies of the methods that improve the successful uptake of evidence-based preventive interventions into real-world practice. Training faculty have particular expertise in research with ethnic minority populations and in the development of innovative quantitative methods.

Our T32 Administrative Faculty and Advisors

Core and Affiliated Faculty

Atkinson, Robert  |  Ayers, Tim  |  Berkel, Cady  |  Brewer, Gene  |   Brooks, Scott  |  Bitner, Mary Jo  |  Buman, Matthew  |   Castro, Felipe  |  Causadias, Jose  |  Chassin, Laurie  |  Chen, Angela  |  Chung, Jung Mun  |  Corbin, William   |  Cruz, Rick   |   Daniulaityte, Raminta   |   Davis, Kelly   |  Davis, Mary  |   Doane, Leah  |  Edwards, Michael  | Elam, Kit  |   Friedman, Lauren  |  Gary, Kevin  |  Gewirtz, Abigail   |   Gonzales, Nancy  |  Grimm, Kevin  |   Ha, Thao   |   Haiden, Rolf   |  Jager, Justin  |  Joanna, Kim |  Johnson, Mina   |   Kessler, Rodger  |   Knight, George  |  Leischow, Scott  |  Lemery, Kathy  |  Lindstrom Johnson, Sarah   |    Low, Sabina   |   Luecken, Linda  |  MacKinnon, David  |   McNeish, Daniel   |  Meier, Madeline  |   Meier, Matthew  |   Mendoza, Natasha  |   O'Rourke, Holly   |  Oesterle, Sabrina   |   Olive, Foster  |   Ostrom, Amy  |  Pardini, Dustin |  Perez, Marisol  |  Pettigrew, Jonathan  |   Pina, Armando  |  Rivera, Daniel  |  Rotheram-Borus, Mary Jane  |   Sanabria, Federico  |  Sandler, Irwin  |  Seaton, Eleanor  |   Shiota, Lani   |   Stechler, Chad  |   Su, Jinni   |   Tein, Jenn-Yun  |   Toomey, Russell  |  White, Rebecca  |  Winslow, Emily  |  Wolchik, Sharlene  

EXTERNAL TRAINING GRANT FACULTY: Dr. C Hendricks Brown, Northwestern University  |  Dr. Max Crowley, Penn State University  |  Dr. Margaret Kuklinski, University of Washington  |  Dr. John Landsverk, Oregon Social Learning Center  |  Dr. Mary Jane Rotheram, UCLA   |  Dr. Velma McBride Murry, Vanderbilt University   |    Dr. Guillermo “Willy” Prado, University of Miami   |  Dr. Lisa Saldana, Senior Research Scientist at Chestnut Health Systems  |   Dr. Dave Atkins, University of Washington

RECENT TRAINEES (2021-2023): 

Pre-Doctoral Fellows: Jack Waddell, Austin Blake, Aubrey Rhodes, Kamryn Morris, Mary Kuckertz, Jeri Sasser and Sydni Basha

Post-Doctoral Fellows: Matt Miller, Kimberly Osborne, Anna Maria Melendez

How to Apply

Interested applicants should first contact Dr. Laurie Chassin, Chair of the Steering Committee via email. Applications must include:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Statement of career goals; research interests with respect to substance use prevention and Dissemination & Implementation; and goals for the training program 
  • Three letters of recommendation (to be submitted by mentor)

Begin Pre-Doctoral Application