The Body Project

The Body Project Year 2 Success!

The Body Project is a cognitive-dissonance based body acceptance program that's designed to help young women resist societal pressures to be unrealistically thin. This program has been heavily tested and has been found to reduce thin ideal internalization, body dissatisfaction, and unhealthy behaviors related to eating disorders and obesity. It was developed with undergraduate women, is run by undergraduate women, and is for undergraduate woman.

The best part of the program is not only what it reduces, but what it adds: Body Project brings women together to support each other; hold each other accountable for healthier living; and empowers plus builds community among women while tearing down those social comparisons women often make about each other. The program is also fun and takes two, 2-hour sessions. The undergraduate women who run the program are called peer leaders, and undergo extensive training in the program while building essential leadership skills necessary for any career. Read More about the Body Project and watch this video to learn more about our program!

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