Research Advancement

Research Advancement

OUR TEAM. The goal of the Research Advancement Team is to provide information and assistance that will help our faculty locate funding, apply for grants, and manage their sponsored projects. For assistance, contact a member of the team via email:

Lillian Buitenhuys, Research Advancement Manager (RAM)

PRE-Award assistance:
Barbara Schay, Research Advancement Administrator (RAA)

POST-Award assistance:

Below are some useful links that may help you locate funding for your research. If you aren't sure where to start, contact Barbara Schay.
Community of Science


  • Proposal preparation.  If you plan to submit a proposal, contact Barbara Schay. Per ORSPA policy, all proposals are due to ORSPA a full THREE (3) business days prior to the sponsor's deadline. If this policy is not met, ORSPA cannot guarantee on-time proposal submission to the sponsor.  Click here to review sponsor checklists across several federal funding sources (e.g., NIH, NSF, DOD, etc).
  • Budget development.  Creating a budget for your project can sometimes be as difficult as writing the science. Schedule an appointment to meet with a member of the Research Advancement Team to assist you in this process. Before your meeting, create a list of items you will need for your project. Additional proposal budget information may be found here: ORSPA Proposal Information and Resources (scroll down for budget building info).
  • NIH proposal information:

NIH PHS 398 forms (including Biosketch Template)
Salary cap information
NIH Budget Development
NIH Checklist
NIH Common Errors
Data Sharing Policy

NOTE: From the date of your proposal submission proposal, NIH recommends using a tentative start date no earlier than 9 calendar months. 

  • NSF proposal information:

NSF Checklist
NSF Biosketch formatting guidelines
Memo from NSF on writing the "Broader Impacts" Section of the proposal
Data Management Plans
Collaborative Proposal Submissions
REU job aid

NOTE: Unless approved by the program director, NSF limits Principle Investigators (PIs) to two (2) months salary maximum as a total on all active NSF grants combined.


ASU Dashboards
ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development

Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA)
Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
Effort Reporting
Facilities & Administrative Costs (F & A) 
Process & Procedures Manual

Office of Research Integrity and Assurance:

Standard Institutional Information

P-Cards  a corporate liability card that looks like, and is used like, a credit card. The P-Card is ASU’s preferred method for purchasing low dollar goods and services that serve a public purpose.

SunRISE  a web-based application for ordering ASU supplies and equipment.