Psychology Pre-Award services are here to support  all of our researchers including graduate students, faculty, and research staff. Our goal is to assist you in all stages of developing your research portfolio and to ensure proposals are  submitted on-time and error-free. Psychology averages about 90 proposal submissions each year with an annual approximate value of $80 million. All proposals — large or small in scope or dollar value — receive the same level of support and care.

Pre-Award services include:

  • Identifying funding opportunities, including federal, foundation, state, industry, and other sponsors
  • Sharing relevant sponsor policy with researchers
  • All aspects of proposal development and submission, from reviewing sponsor requirements, eligibility information, and developing proposal checklists
  • Budget development, for both sponsored projects and internal grants
  • Assistance and training in the development of sponsor-specific Sr. Personnel documents, such as NIH biosketches, using ScieENcv to develop NSF biosketches and Current and Pending
  • Post-submission tasks as requested by the sponsor, including developing NIH Other Support documents and Just-in-Time submissions and any other sponsor-specific items

We ask that our Psychology Department researchers reach out to our Pre-Award support at the inception of your idea, to share your concept, if you have found a possible funding source, and generally to ask for guidance. Once you’ve decided to submit, fill out a Proposal Intake Form to get the formal process started. We look forward to serving all of your Pre-Award needs!

Contact: Barbara Schay, RAA Sr., Psychology PreAward,

Submitting a Proposal? Fill out a:

Proposal Intake Form

Pre-Award Services

Finding funding is a critical aspect in the development of your research portfolio. This section of our site provides an overview of ways for researchers to find funding and provides links to some key resources. Try some of these resources to assist with your funding opportunity searches:

  • - researchers are encouraged to sign up for weekly notifications to learn about Limited Submissions, internal funding programs, and will find announcements about research-related events, trainings, sponsor kick-off meetings, proposal development and more.
  • Pivot (sign on using ASUrite and set up an account) Pivot is a database of global funding opportunities, updated daily, that allows you to search and sort results in a variety of ways
  • Dimensions is a database of more than $1 trillion of historic and current funding around the world, available to the ASU community when using an ASU IP address.  Contact for more information on how to use this tool

Federal funding opportunities are often found on the sponsor's website. Here are links to some of Psychology's most popular sponsors' websites and LISTSERVS:

Foundation and not-for-profit opportunities are found here:


·         Foundation Directory Online - please contact Shaun Brenton, Corporate and Foundation Relations at ASU Foundation prior to directly contacting sponsors listed in this resource

·         Philanthropy New Digest alerts

Internal grant opportunities (websites are updated annually so check these frequently):


·         Women & Philanthropy

·         Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) Seed Grants

·         ASU-Mayo Seed Grant Program

Here we provide a high-level overview of the steps involved in proposal development and submission. Please feel free to contact your Pre-Award Research Advancement Administrator for more details about the process.

In Department of Psychology, we view the proposal submission process as a team effort between the researcher and staff.  The researcher is responsible for the scientific and technical components, and the Research Advancement Administrator (PSY RAA) is responsible for reviewing the sponsor's guidelines to ensure the proposal is compliant, and for completing the non-scientific and institutional information associated with the submission. Our staff also works with Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA) staff to ensure your proposal is submitted to the sponsor on-time. It is our goal to help researchers submit on-time and error free proposals that reflect the highest quality of scientific endeavor.  ORSPA needs to receive proposals at least three (3) full business days prior to the agency’s deadline date to guarantee review.

Snapshot of the proposal development and submission process:





Identifies funding announcement and completes Proposal Intake Form or emails PSY RAA of intent to submit

*At least 6 weeks prior to submission deadline


Reviews Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for critical information such as deadlines, researcher and institutional eligibility, sponsor-specific requirements and/or limitations (FOA always supersedes sponsor's general guidelines)

*Upon receipt of Proposal Intake Form


Creates internal proposal in ORSPA's Enterprise Research Administration System (ERA) based on information in the Proposal Intake Form or from researcher email and forwards ERA Funding Proposal (FP) number (internal proposal number) to researcher

*Within two days of receipt of Form


Sends researcher email that includes internal and external deadlines and a checklist/table of required documents and responsibilities for completing the submission

*Within 3 days of either receipt of intake form or meeting to discuss proposal

PSY RAA/Researcher

Jointly develop budget based on Proposal Intake Form and/or meeting or emails with researcher

*3 weeks prior to submission deadline


Drafts budget justification based on budget based on sponsor requirements, includes all required ASU/ASU Foundation (ASUF) institutional language

*As budget is being finalized


Creates proposal in external submission system (e.g. System-to-System for NIH proposals, ASSIST,,, Fastlane, sponsor portal, email to sponsor)

*As soon as budget is final


Writes the science and forwards individual sections to PSY RAA

**5 days prior to sponsor deadline


Reviews all scientific sections for compliance then uploads into ERA, packages sections into PDF of full proposal for researcher review

**4 days prior to sponsor deadline


Routes proposal internally for researcher, Investigator, Department/Center, and College review and approval and for ORSPA Grant & Contract Officer (GCO) review of budget and justification

**3 days prior to sponsor deadline


Addresses any ORSPA GCO reviewer comments, uploads revised sections into ERA and external submission system

**After GCO review


Approves proposal in ERA

**Upon PSY RA routing for internal review


Revises science sections if needed, forward to PSY RAA for re-upload

**Within ORSPA 3-day review period window


Informs PSY RAA that the proposal is final and ready for submission

**Within ORSPA 3-day window


Informs ORSPA GCO (via ERA) that researcher is ready to submit

**Within ORSPA 3-day window


Submits proposal to sponsor, generates automated submission notification for researcher

**No later than sponsor deadline date and time, best practice is at least one day early

Acronym key:

  • PSY RAA - Research Advancement Administrator
  • ORSPA - ASU's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration
  • GCO - Grant + Contract Officer
  • ERA - ORSPA's Enterprise Research Administration proposal management system
  • FOA - Funding Opportunity Announcement - ASU's Research Administration webpage. This site provides information, documents and tools to investigators and research advancement teams across the university, including work instructions for proposal development, and a variety of sitelets that offer guidance on other aspects of sponsored project research. - ASU's Enterprise Research Administration system (ERA) provides an integrated platform for the administration of research and sponsored projects at ASU.  Proposal submissions, awards and integrity and assurance are managed in a single system.

·         Experts.asu is a tool to identify collaborators from across ASU who might add value to your research

·         Research Academy (ASU login required) - sample training modules and resources include

·         How to get Research Funding

·         Proposal Preparation

·         Craft your Proposal

·         GRASP (Grant Research and Sponsored Projects Conference)

·         Researcher Support Guide A customizable tool that outlines the proposal submission process flow and provides links to internal resources to assist you in submitting well-crafted, compliant proposals

·         Research Development (RD) (sign up for weekly emails that provide information on RD-sponsored events; proposal development workshop series; sponsor kick-off meetings; services such as the Proposal Management team that provides support to teams who are submitting high-profile, high $ proposals; RD's Graphics capabilities to assist in translating scientific data into figures and illustrations for both proposals and journals