Staff Hiring

Staff Hires (3-4 weeks):

  • Step 1- Staff Hiring Form is submitted to Theresa Lopez, Department HR Specialist, Sr. and funding is verified with the Business or RA Office
  • Step 2-  Director and Dean approval is obtained
  • Step 3-  Position is created
  • Step 4-  Position is reviewed and approved through PeopleSoft
  • Step 5-  Position is integrated into Kenexa (ASU’s hiring system) which occurs every hour and requisition is created.  Kenexa does experience delays which may delay the requisition.

The minimum posting time for staff is five business days. It is then up to the supervisor’s discretion if they would like the requisition posted for more than the minimum of 5 days and/or advertise externally (, Monster, etc.). 

  • Step 6-  Requisition is sent to ASU HR Recruitment for approval and posted
  • Step 7- Requisition closes, the hiring manager/requestor is provided resumes, applicant disposition spreadsheet, interview evaluation form and reference check form. Candidate interviews are conducted.
  • Step 8- Hiring Manager/requestor sends the completed applicant disposition spreadsheet, interview evaluation form, reference check form of the candidates to the Department HR Specialist Sr. to keep for auditing purposes.
  • Step 9-  Department HR Specialist, Sr. dispositions the candidates who did not meet qualifications and proceeds with the hiring process with the chosen candidate
  • Step 10-  PeopleSoft validations check is completed, and background check is completed and offer letter is created

Assuming background check comes back clear and employee has signed offer letter, he/she should be able to begin their position within the next 3-7 business days. 

Staff Request to Hire Form