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Doctoral Fellowships & Awards

In addition to providing stipend and tuition support for our doctoral students, the Department of Psychology offers the Doctoral Scholar Award, the Robert B. Cialdini Dissertation Project Prize and The Martha E. Bernal Memorial Scholarship Award Endowment as opportunities for additional funding in recognition of excellence and outstanding scholarship. The deadline for all application materials, including a letter of support from a Department of Psychology faculty member, is March 19. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Polemnia Amazeen, Psychology Awards Committee Chair. 




The Department of Psychology Doctoral Scholar Award

Psychology Scholar Application Form Spring 2018

Made possible by the generous donations of department faculty and others, this award is intended to recognize the accomplishments of PhD students who are demonstrating overall excellence in the psychology doctoral program. Excellence will be judged with respect to contributions to psychological science; and/or the teaching of psychology; and/or community involvement reflecting application of psychological knowledge.

The Robert B. Cialdini Dissertation Project Prize
Cialdini Application Form Spring 2018 and additional information 

The Cialdini Award was established to recognize the efforts of a PhD student who is doing excellent work in an area of psychology other than social psychology. To qualify, a recipient must:

  • be a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology;
  • have completed the proposal stage of his/her dissertation; and
  • be enrolled in one of five doctoral training areas: Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive Science, Developmental, or Quantitative Methods (there is a separate Cialdini Award for Social Psychology doctoral students under the program's Fellowship tab).

The Martha E. Bernal Memorial Scholarship Award Endowment
Bernal Application Form Spring 2018 and additional information

The Bernal Award is named in honor and in memory of Martha E. Bernal who became the first Latina to receive a PhD in psychology in the United States. As a tribute to Martha, family members, friends and colleagues established this Fund as a means of supporting the continuation of her innovative work on ethnic identity development and for her advocacy in preparing psychologists to serve ethnic minority populations. In addition to being a professor of psychology at ASU, she was a charter member of the Hispanic Research Center at ASU and helped establish the National Hispanic Psychological Association. In August 2001, Dr. Bernal received the American Psychological Association (APA) Award for Distinguished Senior Career Contributions to the Public Interest. The Department of Psychology is honored to be the ASU Beneficiary and responsible for the selection of the annual recipient of the Martha E. Bernal Memorial Award. To qualify for this award, a recipient must:

  • be enrolled as a full-time doctoral student;
  • have formal standing affiliated with the Department of Psychology; or the Hispanic Research Center; or the Department of Chicana/Chicano Studies; or the School of Social and Family Dynamics; or Linguistics; or any other social science discipline relevant to minority mental health issues (broadly defined);
  • have a record of contributions and future career plans in research, service delivery, or policy relevant to minority populations; and
  • be making acceptable and timely progress toward the completion of the PhD degree. 

Dr. Elizabeth Capaldi Phillips Memorial Award for Graduate Research in the Psychology of Eating

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The Dr. Elizabeth Capaldi Phillips Memorial Award for Graduate Research in the Psychology of Eating was established to recognize and encourage the efforts of ASU graduate students researching the psychology of eating—Dr. Capaldi Phillip’s research focus and passion.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The student must have formal graduate student standing. 
  2. The student must have some record of research contributions and future plans relevant to the psychology of eating.
  3. The student must be making acceptable and timely progress toward the completion of the graduate degree and enrolled as a full-time student.
  4. Financial awards will be disbursed during the Fall 2018 semester, so the student must be enrolled full-time in Fall 2018 to be eligible for this award.  

Application is by email only to Dr. Polemnia Amazeen and must be received by March 19.  For more information about these opportunities, please consult the departmental website: