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@HEART; Healthy Experiences Across Relationships and Transitions lab (Ha)

Keywords: adolescence, romantic relationships, multidisciplinary research, developmental psychopathology, culture, health, stress physiology

Adolescent Stress and Emotion Lab (Doane)

Keywords:  adolescence; transition to college; stress physiology; sleep; health behaviors; ecological momentary assessment

Behavioral Alcohol Research for Clinical Advancement (Corbin)

Keywords: alcohol, college, subjective response, prevention, self-control, personality, expectancies, context, comorbidity

Courage (Pina)

Keywords:  anxiety; children; adolescents; prevention; treatment; culture; diversity; minority; ethnicity

Culture and Prevention Research Lab (Gonzales)

Keywords:  culture; context; prevention; family; development; children & youth; mental health; achievement; Latino

Eating Pathology Lab (Perez)

Keywords: Body Project; body acceptance; body dissatisfaction; eating disorders; minorities; childhood obesity; prevention; eating

Emotion Regulation & Health (Davis)

Keywords:  chronic pain; resilience; mindfulness; well-being

Fostering Resilience (Luthar)

Keywords:  resilience; affluence; motherhood; prevention; parenting

Health and Coping Lab (Luecken)

Keywords:  childhood adversity; cortisol; health; culture; self-regulation

Karoly Lab (Karoly)

Keywords:  goal cognition; chronic pain; self-regulation