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CARMA Lab (Cohen)

Culture, Adaptation, Religion, Morality, Anthropomorphism

Cooperation and Conflict Lab (Aktipis)

Keywords:  evolution of cooperation; human sharing; cancer evolution; genetic conflict; microbiome and behavior

Culture and Decision Science Network Lab (Kwan)

Keywords:  self; culture; social psychology; personality; anthropomorphism; cyberpsychology; sustainability

Culture and Ecology Lab (Varnum)

Keywords: culture; social class; cultural change; neuroscience; ecology; evolution

Neuberg Lab (Neuberg)

Keywords:  evolutionary psychology; stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination; social exclusion; stigma; religion and conflict; ecology and culture; female sociality; fundamental social motives; happiness and meaning in life; mate value

SPLAT Lab (Shiota)

Keywords: emotion; close relationships; psychophysiology; nonverbal expression; social cognition; positive psychology